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company name:
license: Freeware
minimum requirements: 1GB RAM and fast netwrok connection
functional limitations:
eggPlant description

eggPlant is a cross-platform, test automation tool that allows testing of any application on any system.With its point-and-click, image-based interface, test
scripts develop before your eyes. And, because it uses the mouse, keyboard and screen just as you do, anything that you can do manually, eggPlant can do automatically.
This unparalleled ease of use means that test automation is now an easy and satisfying process.Plus, eggPlant’s wide-ranging capabilities mean that you can address all of your test automation requirements.
Look at how eggPlant solves your toughest testing challenges...
Challenge #1
Scripting languages take too long to learn. How can testers get up to speed quickly?
•eggPlant eases you into the language with a visual paradigm. As you mimic the actions of a user, eggPlant captures those actions and translates them into a script. The language is powerful and flexible– and readable.
•eggPlant uses the remarkably English-like SenseTalk™ scripting language to automate the activities of the system-under-test (SUT).
•Most testers are able to produce usable scripts
within one hour
•You stay focused on what you want to test—not
on how to write the script.
Challenge #2
The application I’m testing runs on more than one operating system. Is there a cost-effective way to test multiple platforms?
•eggPlant runs on a separate system and can test applications on any operating system where a VNC (virtual network computing) server is
•One instance of eggPlant can test against multiple operating systems serially, or several instances of eggPlant can be used to test multiple operating systems simultaneously.
Challenge #3
How can I prevent the test software from affecting the performance of the application I’m testing?
•eggPlant runs on one system while testing another. Only the VNC server software needs to run on the SUT. Since VNC is very lightweight, the impact on the SUT is negligible.
•You can test an application in a deployed field environment. Automated Software Testing For the User Interface | TestPlant. Testplant offers automated QA testing software and tools with non-invasive, technology agnostic, and easy to script and use. Sign up for a free trial today!

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