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license: Shareware
minimum requirements: · RapidWeaver 3.5 or later.
functional limitations:
FaqMaker for Mac description
FaqMaker is a RapidWeaver plugin with which you can easily create answers to those questions and publish them as a FAQ that displays in a variety of styles.

While it's certainly possible to create FAQ's using the other approaches within RapidWeaver FaqMaker is specifically designed around the concept of writing a FAQ and so it provides some very nice facilities.

FaqMaker is an easy way to generate FAQs, which are great tools to provide folks information.

So go ahead and give it a spin. You may want to check out the quick start guide or the FAQ to get the most out of it.

Here are some key features of "FaqMaker":

· FaqMaker has the concept of a seperate "Short" and "Long" question. You can put the short question at the very top of the list and a longer question (with more details) near the answer.
· FaqMaker can tag items as either being 'new' or 'modified' automatically.
· FaqMaker can publish RSS feeds either by modified date or created date so people can monitor it in their favorite RSS reader.
· FaqMaker can automatically create a PDF version of the FAQ for folks to download & print.
· FaqMaker is really linkable -- Every entry can be linked to from either the web or from within RapidWeaver. All entries are directly 'clickable' from a RSS reader.
· FaqMaker includes the ability to comment & rate FAQ items using the fabulous js-kit.
· FaqMaker allows you to easily arrange & categorize your FAQ entries.. . Publisher of FaqMaker for Mac, Author of FaqMaker for Mac 1.19. FaqMaker is a RapidWeaver plugin with which you can easily create answers to those questions and publish them as a FAQ that displays in a variety of styles. While it's certainly possibl
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