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Neil Harris
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Financial Reports description
Whether a large App company, a small team or Individual Developer, Financial Reports is a great tool to manage your monthly Apple payments.

Import an entire month of Apple Financial Reports to manage user payments, convert currencies, view charts and export revised editions for tax purposes.

Financial Reports allows you to...

1. Import as many Apple Financial Reports as needed and choose the currency to convert to

2. General Overview of all your application id's/SKU's
Show and Hide specific application id's/SKU's changing quantity sold and converted amounts
Quantity Sold and Converted amounts
Both Simple and Advanced views (Advanced view organized by Country)

3. Create and manage unlimited users and assign percentages for each application id/SKU for a monthly payment

4. Charts, view specific charts on sales and income
Quantity Sold (by SKU)
Monthly Income (by SKU)
Sales by Country
Extended Partner Shares

5. Export all and individual users in a CSV format. Choose which SKU's to include

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Financial Reports
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