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Schliep GmbH
license: Shareware
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Genius Generator description
Genius Generator helps you to resize images - intelligent and incredibly fast!
With Genius Generator you're able to generate icons in every size! Simply drop your image into Genius Generator and select one of the 14 pre-built icon sizes or enter your own. Finally enter a name and select the directory where Genius Generator should generate your icon.

Genius Generator can also create "iOS Icon Packages". Simply select the icon sizes you want, click "Create" and choose the directory where your icons should be created. Genius Generator automatically creates all icons you want - just with one click.

If you're an OS X Developer who wants to create a new high resolution iconset folder, Genius Generator is also the best tool to create it. Simply select the "OS X Icon Package", enter a name, choose a directory and you're done.
Genius Generator has a beautiful interface and is very easy to use.A
* 14 pre-built icon sizes

* Custom icon size settable

* 7 icon formats selectable

* Create full icon packages for iOS and Android

* Support for the new OS X iconset folder

* Support for the ICO and the ICNS format

* Information about the original image

* Preview of the icon that will be generated
* Optional rounded corners

* Very easy to use
* Growl Notifications

* Optimized graphics for the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display

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Genius Generator
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    Mac OS X
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version 1.2.1
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