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iAuxSFX: audio engine

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iAuxSFX: audio engine description

Features high-quality 32/64-bit software rendering core, object-oriented pluggable design of mixers and sounds, 3D sound positioning, up to 7.1 speaker configuration, sound multi-instancing, sound banks, event & parameters scripting with Lua, built-in turn-key client-server solution for in-game Voice-Chat functionality. It comes with on-board DSP effects and filters, supports VST3/EAX, allows to build an advanced DSP network and much more. iAuxSFX: audio engine is universal and well suited for any type of application development.

- High-quality 32/64-bit software rendering (real-time/offline).
- 3D sound.
- Any possible speaker configuration from 1.0 (mono, phone speaker) to 7.1 (home theater).
- Advanced DSP network with pluggable functionality.
- Complete Voice-Chat functionality.
- Many more features.

- Complete turn-key Voice-Chat server-client functionality.
- Attenuation of 3D sound according audio cone settings for emitter and listener.
- Automatic attenuation of high frequencies with low-pass filter.
- Many more enhancements and bug fixes.

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iAuxSFX: audio engine
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