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Polyglot - Language Switcher

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company name:
Kai Schwaiger
license: Shareware
minimum requirements:
functional limitations:
Polyglot - Language Switcher description

Polyglot lets you switch an apps language on a per-run basis without having to change your system language.

Polyglot lets you choose from all languages that are shipped with the app and will run the app with the language you choose.
A» Super-simple workflow A«

1. Drag the app on the designated area in Polyglot
2. Select the language you want the app to run in
3. Press the "Launch" Button

Optionally you can toggle the Details-View and get a lot of extra information about the selected language/localization.
A» Usage Scenarios A«

* Useful for developers and translators when localizing apps.
In the Details-View Polyglot reveals a lot of in-depth information about the localizations of an app. With that information it is easy to spot where some work has to be done.

* Useful for students learning a new language.
Switch an app to the language you are learning to get some real-world examples and deepen your knowledge of that language.
A» Limitations A«

* If an app doesn't contain a specific language Polyglot can't run it with that language.
Luckily most apps distributed via the Mac App Store contain multiple languages. Polyglot lets you switch those on a per-run basis.
Software which is not distributed via the Mac App Store oftentimes does not contain multiple languages. Adobe products, for example,
use their own technique to localize their apps. They contain base english localization info even if they are localized to another language.
In this case Polyglot can't help you.

* Polyglot starts the app in the other language even if it is open already but some apps can not be run twice, so if those apps already run OS X just switches over to the running instance and it seems like nothing happened. If you encounter such an app, just close it and let Polyglot start it. One example for apps that behaves like that is iTunes.

Developer Tools - Kai Schwaiger - Polyglot - Language Switcher
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Polyglot - Language Switcher
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