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The PandaWare Company
license: Freeware
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Simple Help Editor description

A cross-platform help authoring application that works on Mac and Windows PCs. It allows you to easily create help content in native formats for display in Mac OS X and Windows. Version 4.0 offers more flexibility in both the structure of Help system structure and the design of individual pages, as well as support for more Apple Help technologies.

Features include:
- Easily create Help systems for viewing in Apple Help Viewer, Microsoft Windows HTML Help or a Web browser from the same source.
- Embed anchors within content A?a‚¬* with optional Apple Help anchor tags.
- Link to other Help book pages, to pages in other Help books, to Internet resources or anchors.
- Easy to customize the design of pages with custom HTML and CSS.
- Easy to re-use content for different versions of an application or for different products.
- More enhancements of features for reusing content
- Improvements in editing text
- Bug fixes

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