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Small Icon Exporter

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Andreas Khong
license: Shareware
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Small Icon Exporter description

The Small Icon Exporter creates a Windows or Mac icon file from images (jpeg, png, gif).

Each icon can be edited individually or at the same time.

Open the images by using the button "Import Image" or simply by Drag & Drop into the app. The proportions of the imported images can be maintained, centered, or scaled to the maximum size.

The following icons will be created in the file:
* 16x16 (32-bit)
* 32x32 (32-bit)
* 48x48 (32-bit)
* 96x96 (32-bit)
* 128x128 (32-bit)
* 256x256 (32-bit)
* 512x512 (32-bit)
* 512@2x

The app also creates a 96x96 icon, which is not included in many other programs.
The icon will be displayed in different views in the Windows Explorer.

* scale image proportionally
* scale image filling
* center image
* edit all icons simultaneously or individually

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Small Icon Exporter
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    Mac OS X 10.7
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version 1.2.2
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