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System-i DBcompare Lite

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System-i snc
license: Freeware
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System-i DBcompare Lite description

System-I DB Compare Lite helps you to compare structure between two different databases. The comparison is first of all the tables, and then field by field.
The comparison will be made ONLY for the structure (tables and field) and not for the field content.
Supported database types are:
- MySql
- CubeSQL Server
- SQLite

The comparison can also be made between two different types of database (example: MySQL and SQLite).

The response comes with three levels of alert:
- Table OK means that the table is nominated in both databases, it contains the same fields and the same type
- Table not OK means that the table is missing in one of the two databases
- Field not OK then, means that the table is a difference between one or more fields, you then need to click on the line to see what differences there are (a field may be missing or different type)

Lite limitations: only first two tables will be compared. Full version available on the Mac App Store!

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System-i DBcompare Lite
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