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Logic Poet
license: Freeware
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SystemC Suite description

SystemC installation can be a pain, but this will cure it. Logic Poets SystemC Suite will allow you to install a collection of libraries for developing SystemC system-level modeling simulations on OSX. All libraries are pre-compiled and ready to go. These are all open source libraries, but most of them have no functioning installation method for OSX until now. All source code, docs and examples are included. To make things even easier, we created a set of Xcode project templates for different types of simulations so you dont have to worry about configuring build settings.

The following open source libraries are included with this distribution:
- SystemC 2.2, SCV and TLM-2 from OSCI (
- A collection of GreenSocs extension libraries (
- SystemC-AMS beta (
- SystemC-WMS (
- Our Tracing library for transaction level modeling.
- See our website for revisions of each library.

- Snow Leopard support
- Updated and added new GreenSocs libraries

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SystemC Suite
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