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1Password-Plugin for Quicksilver

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GitHub Inc
license: Freeware
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1Password-Plugin for Quicksilver description
A 1Password plugin for Quicksilver that implements 'Go & Fill...' for 1Password Login Items and manipulation of other 1Password data such as Secure Notes, Software, Wallet Items and Identities.

This plugin enables you to right arrow into the 1Password application, giving you a list of all your data saved in 1Password.

Actions: The plugin enabled 3 actions for 1Password objects.
The 'Go & Fill' action will work just like the Go & Fill command from within 1Password; it will launch your default browser and automatically log you in.
The 'Go & Fill With...' action enabled you to open logins in your non-default browser(s).
Both the 'Go & Fill' and 'Go & Fill With...' actions work with the comma trick, so you can open multiple logins at once, or open logins in multiple browsers.
The final action, which works on all 1Password objects is 'Reveal in 1Password'. This action will launch 1Password and bring the selected login item to the front for you to view/edit it.

OS X 10.5 or later
1Password 3+
Quicksilver ?60+

Universal Binary

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