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FSB Software
license: Freeware
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logKext description

logKext is a freeware opensource keylogger for OS X that hooks into the kernel to bypass userspace security measures.

How to get started: Control and usage of logKext is through logKextClient. LogKextClient runs through the Mac OS X Terminal.

Step 1: Finding the Terminal
Locate the Terminal Application (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal)

Step 2: Using the Terminal
The window that pops up will have a command prompt that looks something like this: [Bill's-Computer:~] bill% At the prompt type the following command and press return:
sudo logKextClient
You will be prompted for your account password (you must be an administrator). Enter it.
Next, logKext will prompt you for your logKext password:
logKext password:
Type in your logKext password. The default password is "logKext". You will not see the password echoed to the screen as you type it.

Step 3: Operating logKextClient
LogKextClient is an interactive client that allows you to change preference values that will change the behavior of your keylogger. Type "help" to get the help screen.
Most likely, you will want to see the logfile! To do this, use the "open" command. It will save the decrypted logfile to your desktop, and open it in a text editor. If you haven't yet typed 100 characters, you will not yet have a logfile. Come back later and try again.

New in this version:
Snow Leopard compatibility

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