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MacHider description

MacHider is a cutting edge solution developed by MacPaw for keeping your private data and confidential information hidden from third parties or other unwanted eyes. With MacHider you can be sure that all the desired files and folders will be stored in a place that only you will know and, if required, protected by password. Along with its main purpose MacHider has also great features that make hiding even easier. For instance, you can organize your private files and folders into groups so they could be quickly and easily located in MacHider whenever you need. MacHider can also be integrated in Finder, which makes hiding files a lot easier. Just click them and select ?Hide with MacHider? in the contextual menu. MacPaw cares about data confidentiality and that?s why MacHider has an integrated algorithm of cleaning ?Open Recent? list so that the files you have hidden could not be found via this list. MacHider will suit everyone who wants to keep his files hidden or invisible to other people.

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version 1.4.2001
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