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Mere Mortal Software
license: Shareware
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Safe Place description

Safe Place is an application designed to securely store your passwords, credit card numbers, software activation codes, or any other information you want to keep handy and safe from prying eyes.

<li> Secure - Safe Place stores your data in an encrypted format and uses your password as the encryption key. Your data can only be viewed using this password.
<li> Custom Categories - You know what you need to store better than us. We've preconfigured Safe Place with a handful of categories just to get you started. You can change or delete these, and create more of your own. Lots more.
<li> 40 Custom Fields - Each category can have from one to forty (yes, 40) custom fields. Most password storage programs limit you to five or six fields per record.
<li> Fast Searching - Once you've stored a few hundred (or thousand) records, how do you find what you need? With Safe Place's fast search capabilities, just type a few characters to locate any record.
<li> Password Generator - The best way to protect yourself on the Web is to use a different password for each site. Safe Place can help you with an easy to use password generator.
<li>Auto Lock - If you walk away from your computer with Safe Place running, it can automatically lock itself after a few minutes (you determine how long). Your data remains protected until you supply the master password.
<li> Import Assistant - We really want you to try Safe Place, so we've created a very easy to use Import Assistant to help you get data into Safe Place.
<li> Full Export - To make it safe to try Safe Place, we promise you can export any information you enter, even after the 30-day trial period.
<li> Easy to Use - Safe Place's standard Mac OS X interface makes it easy to save and retrieve your important information. Online help is available, but you'll probably never bother to read it.
<li> Powerful Database Engine - Safe Place uses the 4th Dimension database engine, allowing it to easily store hundreds of thousands of records. There's also a separate utility to recover your data in the very unlikely event it becomes damaged.

<strong>Limitations:</strong> Until your registration code is entered, it will function for just 30 days. After 30 days you can still view your data, but you won't be able to add any new records until you purchase a license.

Universal Binary

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