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sunShield Pro

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sunProtecting Factory
license: Shareware
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sunShield Pro description
sunShield Pro is a GUI that enables a user to configure ipfw, the interface to the packet filtering firewall that sits in the kernel. Although it is designed to be as simple as possible, giving access to (almost) full potential of ipfw2 on a single pane requires some knowledge about firewall rules.

<li> Use advanced actions, and advanced protocol options.
<li> Easily turn firewall ON / OFF
<li> Create all kind of basic or dynamic rules.
<li> Lets you also create rule manually, from sunShield's interface.
<li> Review dynamic rules, time left and parent rule.
<li> Enforce rules based on user sending packet.
<li> Enable or disable logging, system wise.
<li> Live logs, in sunShield, lets you use ToolRules (sniffing, debugging…)
<li> Export rule base to an rc.firewall script, handy to deploy IPFW configuration on BSD compatible systems.
<li> Re-order rules with simple drag and drop.
<li> Edit rules with a double click on them, right click them to edit as new rule
<li> Automatically save and restore rules across reboots.
<li> Import ruleset for typical configurations, through sunShield EXchange, in one click
<li> Support for NATd configuration (Router mode).
<li> Displays information about interfaces, traffic…
<li> Ships with many templates, out of the box.
<li> Lets you create your own templates, and share them.
<li> Can use either interfaces' real name or BSD name.

Universal Binary

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    Mac OS X 10.4
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version 2.0.3L
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