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semaja2's Gadgets
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Utility Lock description
Utility Lock is a custom built Screen Locking mechanism, it was designed after the Apple lock that is available in Apple Remote Desktop, its purpose is to allow for a greater customization in how the screen is locked, you can now have it locked on Sleep/Idle/Intervals and with the applescript support you can combine it with other applications like WiFiScriptor.

Utility Lock was designed to be simple to use but effective, you will notice it is all straight forward but just for the fun heres the guide...

How To Use:

Utility Lock was designed to be simple to use but effective, you will notice it is all straight forward but just for the fun heres the guide...
When you open Utility Lock you will be presented with a dialog asking if you would like to receive updates, along with a password field. Be sure to set the password as the locks will not work with out it.
After you have finished with those dialogs, notice a small black lock appear in you top right menu bar, click on this and you will be presented with a small menu.
All the locks are located in the "Locks" submenu and all the other preferences and options are in the main menu of the icon.

It is now possible to enable the lock from a AppleScript, to do so below is the command:
tell application "Utility Lock" to lockscreen
You can also unlock the screen but you must enable it under the options of Utility Lock:
tell application "Utility Lock" to unlockscreen

Hidden Features?:
I have now included a special preference panel to access the hidden and unsupported features, however this was left off:
disableStatusItem (1 = do not show status icon / 0 = do show )

New in this version:
Added Attempted Unlocks panel
Added beta update option
Added option to make background image stretch to fit
Added customization system for the lock
Added inbuilt power-management system (System now sleeps properly, display does not however)
Added German localization (50% complete)
Fixed AppleScript Support (Now has unlock option, and can be disabled in the menu)
Fixed sleep bug
Changed alert panels to attach to the correct panels
Some memory and security optimizations
Updated graphics (Status Bar/Lock Image)
Other stuff i probably forgot

If you like using Utility Lock you can make a donation here.

Universal Binary

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