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Novice Software
license: Freeware
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Zebra Scanner description
Zebra scanner is a simple AS Studio application to trace down trojan viruses.

Zebra scanner is intended to search for applications, hidden behind another extension than 'app' . It checks if any of the files in the selected folder(s) has either the real extension '.app' or the file type 'APPL'. In Mac OS X 10.3 the program also checks if the item is considered an executable by the OS which can be activated by double-click or otherwise.

The program is meant to be a fast and easy way to retrieve trojan viruses, disguised as an image, MP3, movie, folder etc. thus avoiding that a hidden application can be double clicked by accident and do damage to your Computer.

Zebra scanner can also examine classic data.

Editor's Note: Zebra Scanner is no longer supported by the author.

System requirements. Mac
OS 10.2 or later, OS 10.3 or later recommended

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