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Afloat description

Afloat adds many window management features to most Mac applications.

Once installed look in the Window menu of your favorite application, and you will nd Aoat?s commands there – they have a cloud badge before their title. If you don?t nd them, it?s likely Aoat doesn?t work with that application. Carbon applications like the Finder and iTunes won?t work, but Cocoa apps like Safari and iChat will.)

<li> Keep Afloat: Keep windows afloat (heh) on top of all others.
<li> Transparency: Lets you see through a window.
<li> Drag Anywhere: Lets you move a window by “grabbing” it from anywhere (not necessarily the title bar).
<li> Resize Anywhere: Lets you resize a window by “grabbing” it from any point (not just the bottom-right corner).
<li> On All Spaces: Makes a window remain on the screen even if you switch Spaces.
<li> Overlay: Makes a window oating and transparent and makes it ignore your mouse clicks (they “fall through” to the windows below it instead).
<li> Show Window’s File in Finder: If a window represents an open le, it will
show the le in Finder (it?s got a keyboard shortcut for you keyboard addicts).
<li> Pin to Desktop and more: Look in the Adjust Effects pane of your window for more.

Intel Required

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