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aLaunch (was aLunch)

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license: Freeware
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aLaunch (was aLunch) description

aLaunch is an application launcher operated via the status menu. You can chose to display icons at 16 pixels - 64 pixels. Files and folders can be registered with aLunch as well. Folders will be opened in the Finder. Different categories can be registered by using groups and separators.

You can chose to display icons at 16 pixels - 64 pixels.
Files and folders can be registered with aLunch as well. Folders will be opened in the Finder.
Different categories can be registered by using groups and separators.
The "application menu" is clicked and all the applications can be hidden.
Active application can be terminated. (Cmd+Click)
The application registered into the group can be started at a stretch, or folders can be opened at a stretch. (Cmd+Click)
The application registered into the group can be terminated at a stretch, or folders can be closed at a stretch. (Cmd+Opt+Click)
aLaunch menu can display a checkmark in a launched application.
A hot key is set up and the contents of the specified menu are displayed in an launcher window.

Starting and closing can be performed in key operation.
Supports hierarchical display of folders.
The icon displayed on a menu can be changed and it can indicate by classification intelligibly.
The file of the "icns" form which users prepared uniquely can also be registered.
A launcher window corresponds also to drag and drop.
You can also follow a hierarchy of folders.
aLaunch is freeware. However, if you enjoy using aLaunch and would like to help support its development, please consider making a donation.
Intel Required

Application Launcher
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aLaunch (was aLunch)
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    Mac OS X 10.5
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version 4.3.2
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