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CrystalClear Interface

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MarsJupiter LTD
license: Shareware
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CrystalClear Interface description
CrystalClear Interface (CCI) is a powerful system add-on that lets you customize certain aspects of the Mac OS X “Aqua” interface. All of these features are accessed using the CCI Preferences Panel, which you can summon using the keyboard shortcut -' (command-apostrophe) or by accessing the CCI Global Menu.


A gorgeous user interface for those who think completely different.
A fully realized theming tool for customizing your Mac's natural beauty.
Now includes 11 window styles and four button themes — including the theme from Crystal Black.
Change your menubar with one of the eight built-in styles.
Mix and match button themes, menubar styles, window themes, and desktop picture all at once... or individually.
A great solution for eliminating Window Clutter and helping you focus on the task at hand.
And much more.

Limitations: 15-day trial.

Universal Binary
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CrystalClear Interface
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supported os's
    Mac OS X 10.6
downloads 8
price $15.00
version 2.8
size in Kb 139,469
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