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Desktopple Basic

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company name:
FoggyNoggin Software
license: Freeware
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Desktopple Basic description

Desktopple Basic quickly and easily hides all of your Desktop clutter. A quick trip to your menu bar or the touch of a hotkey is all it takes, and those icons simply vanish from view.

Ever needed to take a screenshot and had to clean all of those icons from your Desktop before you could? Or maybe you needed to make a presentation and had to tidy up before hooking into the projector for the whole audience to see? Perhaps you just want to hide those messy Desktop icons so you can concentrate better on whatever task is at hand. Or, if you're like us, maybe you just like a squeaky clean work environment. If so, then Desktopple is for you!

Basic Features:
Backgound Choices: Make your workspace your own. Choose to hide your Desktop with either your regular Desktop image or a solid color.
HotKey Support: Set up a HotKey, and giving yourself a clean Desktop is only a keystroke away.

Desktopple Basic does a great job of keeping your Desktop hidden. But if you want more control and more features, including Automator support, Auto-hiding, and even more background options, Desktopple Pro has just what you need!

Universal Binary

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    Mac OS X 10.4
downloads 5
version 1.1
size in Kb 120
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