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Moritz Wette
license: Freeware
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Lion Designer description
Lion Designer can change the background of the new Dashboard, the Background of the new Mission Control, the folder icons of the new Launchpad, the folder background of the new Launchpad and the background of the login screen. So you can change your Design in Mac OS X Lion individually. And don't panic if you changed the Design bad -> Reset buttons and example designs are available.


Launchpad Folder Icons; Change the look of gray the Launchpad Folder Icons.
Launchpad Folder Background: Change the linen background to a new more interesting one.
Mission Control Background: Also change the light gray linen Mission Control pattern to an individual.
Login Screen Background: Do you want some color in your Login screen? - Customize the Login Screen Background.
Login Icon: Customize the apple login logo to your own one.
Dashboard Background: Customize the Dashboard background image.
FaceTime Ringtone: You don't like the FaceTime ringtone? - Choose your own one.
Colorful Finder Sidebar: You don't like the new gray icons in the Finder sidebar?s - change them to colorful one's.
12 More Functions: 12 more Features for even better results and easier control. E.g. Conversion Window (to get a none tiled image result), Drag Area or Automatic Updates.

Lion Designer is freeware. However, if you enjoy using Lion Designer and would like to help support its development, please consider making a donation.

Intel Required
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Lion Designer
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    Mac OS X 10.7
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version 3.3.1
size in Kb 9,114
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