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iThink Software
license: Freeware
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MenuPrefs description

MenuPrefs is a simple menu-bar application that sits in your System-wide menu-bar space, giving you a richly featured alternative access to your commonly used System Preference Panes.

Hate having to go through two to three steps to change your Mac's Energy Saver preferences? Tired of click after click just to change your sound output device? Instead of having to open System Preferences and find the pane, you can just choose it from the MenuPrefs menu. You can specify what panes to show, and even in what order to show them. You can also choose from a number of modes for viewing the list of Preference Panes.

License: As we're moving to release the source code to MenuPrefs and turn it into a freeware product, you may use the following license key with older non-freeware versions:

Registration Name: MenuPrefs Freeware User
Serial Number: MP200ST001-E4E4-81NH-JF5C-DW26-G5HC

OS X 10.3.9 or later

Universal Binary

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    Mac OS X 10.3
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