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Scroll Switcher

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Fixamac Software, Inc.
license: Freeware
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Scroll Switcher description

Scroll Switcher is a small utility designed to allow the user to quickly and easily change the scroll arrow configurations in Mac OS X. Once a setting is chosen, Scroll Switcher directs the Finder to quit and relaunch to apply the new setting.

There are 4 different arrow configurations to choose from:
<li> DoubleBoth: The full set of scroll arrows are placed together at both ends of each scroll bar.
<li> DoubleMax: This is the default setting in Mac OS X. The scroll arrows are placed together at the bottom of the vertical scroll bar and at the right of the horizontal scroll bar.
<li> DoubleMin: The scroll arrows are placed together at the top of the vertical scroll bar and at the left of the horizontal scroll bar.
<li> Single: In this mode, the scroll arrows are placed separately at the ends of each scroll bar.

Intel Compatible

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