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Suitcase Fusion for Mac description
Suitcase Fusion is the only industrial-strength font manager with precise Font Sense auto-activation, font repair functionality, and a central font repository, which provides unmatched sorting, searching, organizing and previewing capabilities, and eliminates duplicate font issues.

Suitcase Fusion 2 is an early adopter too with seamless auto-activation support for Adobe InDesign and Illustrator CS4 and QuarkXPress 8. Not there yet? No worries, Suitcase Fusuion 2 also supports CS3 and QuarkXPress 7.

The new interface gives you the perfect excuse to mix a little play with your work. It’s sleek, straightforward design makes it easy to locate, group, examine, preview and activate any font in your library.

Suitcase Fusion 2 comes with professional-grade auto-activation plug-ins for critical design and publishing apps, including InDesign, Illustrator, and QuarkXPress.

These plug-ins utilize Font Sense to precisely match and auto-activate the right font types when you open a document. To avoid other conflicts, these plug-ins will also auto-deactivate the fonts upon closing a document.

Here are some key features of "Suitcase Fusion 2":

All-new, inside and out:
· Sleek and modern interface
· Interactive font previews
· Built for Mac OS X Leopard
· Utilizes new Universal Type Server technology
· 24/7 font management—new “core” application runs in the background

Professional auto-activation:
· Auto-activation plug-ins for InDesign CS4/3, Illustrator CS4/3 and QuarkXPress 8/7
· Automatically activates exact type faces for leading applications*
· Automatically activates fonts in linked or embedded objects*
· Automatically deactivates fonts when a document is closed*
· Uses patented Font Sense technology to ensure exact font matches and precise auto-activation*
· Easily control global auto-activation preferences for each application

Unmatched font previews:
· Drag-and-drop your preview text into any live document with Floating Previews
· Encoding-aware previews shows all native characters in a particular font face
· Zoom Slider dynamically adjusts preview type size on-the-fly
· Glyph View lets you see all characters supported by a selected font
· Create print sample pages of any previewed font
· View and compare any type faces side-by-side before activating
· Preview fonts in Waterfall, ABC123, Paragraph or dynamically in QuickType
· Select, activate and export fonts from Preview Pane

Dynamic search & find:
· QuickFind performs fast, dynamic searches as you type
· Search on any metadata field (style, keywords, classifications, etc.)
· Perform fast, multi-level searches
· Automatically populates font metadata, such as style, classification and foundry

Easy organization:
· Font Vault provides centralized repository for easy access
· Easy back-up and restore
· Separates families into individual typefaces for precision and control
· Option to create multiple libraries within Font Vault for additional precision
· Font Vault is portable for easy transfer to other machines

Font corruption check and repair:
· Ensures stable font environment
· Eliminates font corruptions and conflicts
· Utilizes built-in font corruption detection and repair engine
· Identifies corruptions and “incomplete” fonts before they can be added
· Repairs corrupt fonts when possible

FontDoctor utility (free with purchase):
· Adds additional level of font corruption detection and repair
· Generates detailed reports about bad fonts
· Automatically organizes and optimizes font library
· Easily cleans font caches

Customized font sets:
· Similar to Playlists in iTunes
· Provides easy way to sort fonts to quickly find and active them
· Create your own custom font sets to fit your workflow
· Create a set of all your document’s fonts directly from your document
· Nested sets (sub sets) provide even more organizational options
· Smart Sets will automatically add fonts based on any metadata you select

Manage system fonts:
· View all active system fonts at any time
· Keep system fonts separate from the rest of your font collection
· Easily override and/or disable non-critical system fonts. Font Manager and Digital Asset Management Software for Personal, Professional and Corporate Environments.. Powerful font management and digital asset management solutions for single desktops, workgroups and corporations.
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