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Batch Image Resizer Lite

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Keran Marinov
license: Freeware
minimum requirements:
functional limitations:
Batch Image Resizer Lite description

Resize ,Rename,Convert multiple images and export them to multiple folders easily with Batch Image Resizer Lite.

Whether you are MacOS,IOS,Android Developer,Icon Artist or Photographer , who needs to resize,rename,convert multiple icons,images or any image material for your app,website or any digital product.

With Batch Image Resizer Lite you can quickly and efficiently create your icons for your app and save time .With ever increasing need for development speed ,
developers spend, most of their time for adjusting images for their project . Batch Image Resizer Lite is designed with developers and graphic artists in mind .

By using Batch Image Resizer Lite you can resize all your app icons,and custom images in few seconds.For Android developers you can export all your output images straight into your Android Eclipse Project in the resources folders.

Batch Image Resizer Lite has a quick video tutorial and separate tutorial for Mac,IOS,Android icon resizing and other useful information on how to get most out of your software.

-MacOS App Icons
-Functionality to resize all required icons and custom images for MacOS Apps in few second
-Guide for Mac Os Developers
-Create your icon.iconset folder with the following standard icon sizes and file names
1024x1024 px W and H ,144 dpi - icon_512x512@2x
512x512 px W and H ,72 dpi - icon_512x512
512x512 px W and H ,144 dpi - icon256x256@2x
256x256 px W and H ,72 dpi - icon_256x256
256x256 px W and H ,144 dpi - icon_128x128@2x
128x128 px W and H ,72 dpi - icon_128x128
64x64 px W and H ,144 dpi - icon_32x32@2x
32x32 px W and H ,72 dpi - icon_32x32
32x32 px W and H ,144 dpi - icon_16x16@2x
16x16 px W and H ,72 dpi - icon_16x16

IOS App Icons
-Functionality to resize all required icons and custom images for Mac OS Apps in few second
-Guide for IOS Developers
-Create the following standard icon sizes and file names

57x57 px W and H ,72dpi - Icon
114x114 px W and H ,72dpi - Icon@2x
72x72 px W and H ,72dpi - Icon-72
144x144 px W and H ,72dpi - Icon-72@2x
29x29 px W and H ,72dpi - Icon-Small
58x58 px W and H ,72dpi - Icon-Small@2x
50x50 px W and H ,72dpi - Icon-Small-50
100x100 px W and H ,72dpi - Icon-Small-50@2x

Android App Icons and Custom Images
-Functionality to resize all required icons and custom images and export them straight in your Android Eclipse Project resources folder.
-Guide for Android Developers
-Create your icon with the following standard icon sizes in your drawable-ldpi,drawable-mdpi,drawable-hdpi,drawable-xhdpi,drawable-xxhdpi,drawable-tvdpi (or any other required drawable folder)

36x36 px W and H ,72dpi - drawable-ldpi folder
48x48 px W and H ,72dpi - drawable-mdpi folder
72x72 px W and H ,72dpi - drawable-hdpi folder
96x96 px W and H ,72dpi - drawable-xdpi folder
96x96 px W and H ,72dpi - drawable-tvdpi folder
144x144 px W and H ,72dpi - drawable-xxhdpi folder
Icon Artists
-Functionality to resize all required icons sizes.
-Guide for Icon Artists.
512x512 px W and H
256x128 px W and H
128x128 px W and H
64x64 px W and H
32x32 px W and H
16x16 px W and H

Image Formats
-Following image formats are supported jpg,jpeg,tif,tiff,png,gif,bmp,jp2,psd,tga
-Jpg,jpeg and jp2 supports image compression for reducing the image size.Tif and tiff format has two compression types lzw and packbits.

Output Image Files
-Batch Image Resizer Lite is limited to 2 output images at the same time.

Input Image Files
-Include multiple image files and folders with the supported image formats.

Batch Operations
-Rename ,remove any character from the input file name or add any extra required text to your output image names.
-Convert any image format to another adjust quality and compression
-Adjust Width ,Height, Resolution(dpi)

Output folder
-Create all your resized,renamed or converted images in selected multiple output folders or in a single folder

Utilities - Batch Image Resizer Lite - Keran Marinov
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Batch Image Resizer Lite
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