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Mid Atlantic Consulting, Inc.
license: Freeware
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Mac Help Widget description

Mac Help Widget uses PHONE, CHAT (ichat, adium, etc) or EMAIL (Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage, etc) to get support for Macintosh OS X and OS X Server. If no one is online to answer your chat, the request can be sent via email with a very prompt response. Service is provided from Mid Atlantic Consulting, Inc. in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area ( This product is free of charge and we can answer quick emails free of charge (5 min or less), but if the email requires more extensive consulting services charges will be billed according to prices in the widget. No charge will be assessed until it has been explained and agreed upon via email, chat, or phone. Phone calls and chat support is billed at a quarter hour increment. To sign up for service you need to register. Once you register you will be sent a password to unlock the entire widget. For more information on the widget go to ( Please see our iPhone App- HotMacNews Pro for all the features of this widget plus the ability to Shake the iphone to get news from over 60 news sites. ( About Mid Atlantic Consulting- Mid Atlantic Consulting is the premiere Macintosh Support, Service, and Consulting firm in the Washington, DC area. We can help the home user up to enterprise level including xSan installation. Several of our tech hold Top Secret clearances. We offer this widget as a way for clients to reach us easily and new clients to find out about our services. If you are within 100 miles of Washington, DC we can provide onsite service. If not we do travel but most likely will only be able to provide email, chat, and phone support. Quick support emails (5 min or less) through the ...

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