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About Synchronize! Pro XA professional-strength file synchronization and back up utility. It makes bootable backups of your Mac OS X system disk and synchronizes files between any two folders.It keeps the newest files in two locations by copying any newer file from one folder over an older version in the other folder. The two locations can be different disks (IDE, FIreWire, or USB) on the same Mac, a desktop Mac and PowerBook, or a Mac at work and a Mac at home.Many more features.Whats New in this Version- Added an optional completion window when a backup completes. See "Completion Options" in the Options menu.- Added "Use name only to identify a volume" to the Disk Errors page of the Preferences. When this box is checked, only the name of the disk is used to identify it, instead of identifying each disk uniquely.- Added a warning when the direction of a backup is changed.- Locked aliases are now copied without error.- Skipping a large number of files no longer results in a "too many files open" error.
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