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Inventikon InterActive

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Inventikon Corporation
license: Shareware
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Inventikon InterActive description

Personal Assistant and Speech Platform. The program has the following features: - personal assistant with customizable name, image, voice and text color - default female assistant name is Salli - default male name is Mike - system tray icon and context menu - speech recognition engine (i.e. speech-to-text) - speech synthesis engine (i.e. text-to-speech) - execution of programs from Start Menu, Desktop, Task Bar, System Tray - predefined interactions - spoken commands that consists of sequences - embedded databases for storage of interactions and conversations - automatic updates - free for 1 year - interaction definition and editing program - interactions for greetings, searches for text on major web search engines, starting programs, automatic logins - interaction sharing among users through centralized database system - microphone setup - creation of speech recognition accuracy profile - help fileRequirements: 1GB RAM, 200 MB Disk Space, 1 CPU

Software - Computer - System - Canada - Ontario - Speech Recognition - Toronto - Speech Synthesis - Virtual Assistant - Personal Assistant - Virtual Personal Assistant - Speech Commands - Speech Navigation - Voice Navigation - Speech-enabling Solutions - Speech-enabling Applications - Natural Language Processing - Natural Language Understanding - Mississauga
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Typical Applications:

~ Sit and relax while your ...

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Inventikon InterActive
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supported os's
Windows Server
Windows 7
    Win7 x32
    Win7 x64
    WinVista x64
    Windows Vista Starter
downloads 195
price $50.00
size in Kb 36,751
user rating 5/10
our rating 0 Stars
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