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Add Streaming Audio to Your Web Page and Attract More Visitors

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Increase Traffic to your Website with S
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Add Streaming Audio to Your Web Page and Attract More Visitors description

Is your web site as professional and eye catching as it can be? Maybe you have all of the popup videos and flash animation that you need but there is still something missing? Streaming audio. With AMiniSpeak streaming audio software you can quickly and easily upgrade your web site and increase traffic.Because this is a Java application it could not be easier to use, no plugins are required, which means that almost anybody who visits your site can hear you streaming audio instantly. You can even have the streaming audio activate when someone moves their mouse curser over a certain item, the possibilities are endless.With regards to what is used for your streaming audio, you can choose just about anything. Maybe you would like to record your own voice, use phrases supplied with the software or you can even download new sounds effects and phrases from a special update page for no extra cost!Requirements: na

Java - Streaming Audio Recorder - Streaming Audio - Applets - Web Authoring - Java Menu - Website Design - Java Applets - Free Java - Web Page Design - Streaming Audio Software - Live Streaming Audio - Menu Applets - Image Applets - Game Applets - Navigation Applets - Text Applets - Multi-media Applets - Fx Applets - Utility Applets - Button Applets - Java News - Java Courses - Applet Collections - Wyka-warzecha - Streaming Audio Record - Recording Streaming Audio - Capture Streaming Audio - Streaming Audio Hosting - Streaming Audio Server
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Add Streaming Audio to Your Web Page and Attract More Visitors
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