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FACIO processes

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FACIO processes description

OCtFACIO processesOCL is a free framework for the process automation. It is primary intended for companies developing enterprise resource systems that need robust framework both for the database and process development OCtFACIO processesOCL provides full support for the developers: object definition, graphical interface for the process definition, dialogs editor and powerful scripting editor with colour language syntax highlighter and debugging editor. Process designer does not need to insert a line of code to defined new database objects and start processes upon them. However for more complex tasks it contains complete programming support. In the powerful language the process designer defines data controls, management and export/import scripts. The system allows Multilanguage user interface and precise user access control. Users have full comfort of the native windows application including drag&drop, working desktop and multiwindow mode. Processed workflows are completely documented and tractable. All important data changes are recorded and so the system can complain SOX regulations. OCtFACIO processOCL allow complete customization for the users without loosing possibility to upgrade the system and get new functions and updates from the authors or independent solution providers. The system can run upon any transactional relational database including commercial ORACLE, MS-SQL or freeware databases like Firebird. The downloadable freeware version is compiled for the firebird database. Full helpdesk support, upgrades and fast solution of the reported issues is provided for the premium users with the support contract. Development companies can get full support for free during the project. Maintenance support is provided for the final users of the system. Source code available for partners and customers with support contractRequirements: Windows 2000 and above, Firebird SQL database

Workflow Management - Data Management - Business Management - Process Automation - Czech Republic - Enterprise System Development - Office In Prague - Cee Region - Software Quality Management - Analyst Training
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FACIO processes
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