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AutoClipX description

AutoClipX is a small and easy to use software that automatically copies any text you select with your mouse to the Windows clipboard. Optionally, the clipboard contents can be quickly pasted by clicking another mouse button (middle button by default). Options also exist to clear the clipboard using a mouse button, enable/disable AutoClipX with a hotkey or disable only while a hotkey is pressed. Right clicking the system tray icon enables access to these and other configuration options. Some of the key features are: Intuitive, super easy to use! Automatically copy selected text by dragging the cursor or by multiple mouse clicks !!! NEW !!! Automatically copy files and folders !!! NEW !!! Select which cursors (I-Beam, Hand, Arrow) will activate automatic copying !!! NEW !!! Automatically disable copy function for specified windows Enable/disable AutoClipX by clicking the tray icon or with a hot-key Temporarily disable AutoClipX while a specified hot-key is pressed Optionally play a sound and/or display a tool tips to let you know when something is copied or the clipboard was cleared Option to configure different mouse buttons to paste and/or clear the clipboard OCo they can even be the same button! Ignore small mouse movements (configurable) Optional automatic update checking for new versions Option to start with WindowsRelease notes: New ReleaseTE added case conversion options (upper, lower, title)TE minor code optimizationsTE fixed a bug where formatting replacement expressions were not always displayed properly in the config UITE corrected control tab order in config UI [ AutoClipX full changelog ]

Clipboard - Copy - Copier - Clipboard Manager - Copy Clipboard - Manage Clipboard
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    Windows 7
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