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DtPad B1212

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Marco Macci+-
license: Freeware
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DtPad B1212 description

DtPad is a useful application that was designed in order to help you quickly write and edit texts, create and modify HTML or XML documents and many more. This utility comes with a powerful set of tools and features that include session management functionality, advanced search capabilities and tabbed interface. FEATURES: TE A new built-in editor for the management of CSV files, including the edit of cells, deleting and adding new rows, replacement of delimiter character and much more (issue #1137) TE The limit of rows allowed before the decommissioning of their side panel has been raised (new default: 1.000) (issue #1155, only partially solved) TE Pressing CTRL+TAB now DtPad opens a screen that shows the list of opened tabs (issue #1143) TE Note mode improvement, now able to handle multiple tabs and customizable in size of opening TE Tracking of DtPad updates (about the user is stored only its IP at the time of the request) TE Management of web addresses into favourites (along with sessions and files) TE The font used by the notes and the calculator is now fit to the main editing area TE DtPad Updater now informs the user about the contents of the update, before its executionRelease notes: New ReleaseTE Russian localization [made by Artem Vakhitov]TE Better tab's tooltip for open filesTE DtPad now support Unicode using Windows clipboard, allowing to manage contents written with Russian and other alphabetsTE Command "File -> Delete File" now move the file into the recycle bin, instead of delete it permanentlyTE Fixing of a bug which occurred when checking permissions at DtPad startup on Windows 8TE Multiple files opening through the shortcut "Open with DtPad" fixedTE The language selection inside DtPad Setup now works properly for all culturesTE Dynamic load of changelog inside DtPad UpdaterTE Several improvements to interface and localizations [ DtPad full changelog ]

Editor - Text Editor - Notepad - Writer - Code Writer - Write Note
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DtPad B1212
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