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Smart WorkTime Tracker Pro 2.15 B324

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A!K Research Labs
license: Shareware
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Smart WorkTime Tracker Pro 2.15 B324 description

Smart WorkTime Tracker is everything you need to be able to track every detail about the time you spend on tasks performed on the computer. First of all, Smart WorkTime Tracker is intended for those people whose main activities are directly related to working with the computer (designers, writers, software developers, etc.). This application will allow you to view how much time you spend in each of your computer programs. This is useful for both self-control and the appropriate evaluation of how much your work costs. The important thing is that you do not have to tell the program all the time what you are doing at the moment: the program will understand it automatically by monitoring the applications you start and the documents you open in them. If you go out for a smoke with friends during your workday, you will not have to take time to inform the program about the break. SWTT will exclude the break from your work time automatically. Besides, SWTT has a built-in to-do list that is used to describe time intervals as well. It looks like this: an idea strikes you, you add it to the to-do list of the project and at the moment when there is nothing to do for you, you select it in the to-do list and deal with it. After you finish it, click the button for finishing the task or just select another task from the to-do list. When you do it, SWTT logs the start and end time of the task together with the entire information about the time you spend working in various applications. It is possible to analyze and view all information collected by SWTT at any moment in a visual form with the help of the built-in report generator. FEATURES: TE Fully automated and configurable project-oriented time tracking. TE Only the time when you are really working is counted. TE The controlling indicator is displayed as an autohiding panel. and can be docked to any edge of the screen. TE Integrated full-featured todo list for all projects. TE You can build up to 10 report types with the internal report builder to analyze the collected data. TE If these 10 reports are not enough you can create your own reports or access all tracked data with SQLite database.

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Smart WorkTime Tracker Pro 2.15 B324
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    Windows Vista Starter
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version 324
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