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Rchilli Resume Parser Web Services India 3.1 accept all formats of Resumes OCo DOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF, TXT and HTML. RChilli - Resume Parser OCo Web API mode is an unmatched product for Job Portals and Web Application. The distinguished feature opf API is that it can be used in real time scenario. The data can be posted at interface using the sample codes available in all languages, hence the solution is scaslable to support the client's requirements. The new version has come up with enhanced accuracy along with more than 50 parsed fields. Using Web API one can reduce the resume submission process by 85% and effectively manages the recruitment process to enhance business revenues. Latest features: OCo The web API version is effortless to integrate with web portals or any application. OCo Easy to install, it s compatible with all platforms: C#, .NET, PHP, JAVA etc. OCo It has the knack to parse all formats of resume- DOCX, PDF, RTF, DOC, HTML or TXT. OCo Seamless integration with any application/portal OCo No capital investment is required and can be installed on your own server. OCo It is a secured model with no service downtime. OCo 24*7 availability. OCo Requires one time payment. OCo Own server installation. OCo One year free up gradation and technical support. OCo Fasten the Resume Uploading Process in Job Portals. OCo Sample Code available in Dot Net, C#, PHP and Java. OCo Can be installed with any Custom Application. OCo Uncomplicated uploading of CVOCOs. OCo Maintaining database with well format as a backup. OCo Negating data entry work OCo User Side. OCo White labeled merchandise integration also procurable.Requirements: 512 Mhz Processor and 256 Mb. Ram
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Web API Sample Code
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