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Aaron Todd Sherrill
license: Shareware
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Chinese Toolbox READER description
Chinese Toolbox 2011 is an advanced Chinese reading assistant for reading Chinese text. It incorporates a new system for learning Chinese unlike anything ever available in a computer program. Besides providing instant access to character definitions and word definitions, Chinese Toolbox 2011 helps you to reduce your dependency on dictionaries by identifying characters and words as Known. The new Context Links feature makes it possible to associate any Chinese resource on the Internet with Chinese Toolbox. Chinese Toolbox 2011 also maintains all the documents that you import, so you can quickly switch to another previously studied document. Chinese Toolbox 2011 supports many other features and is being aggressively developed . Through minor beta updates (to begin within the next few months), new features will be made available sooner. FEATURES: TE A unique system of learning providing access to integrated dictionaries while promoting true reading by helping you to reduce dictionary dependence; TE A fully customizable, exportable & importable character dictionary; TE Community supported, updatable word dictionary with over 100,000 entries; TE Automatic look up of definitions and pronunciations showing both pinyin and zhuyin (Mandarin Phonetic Symbols, Bopomofo); TE Multi-field search; TE A system of smart character review; TE Character time stamping; TE Setting of OCtunderstanding levelsOCL for recognizable characters.Release notes: New ReleaseTE Flashcard export: This is a new feature that exports all Chinese Toolbox character and word lists (Known, Unknown, Need-To-Learn, and Unknown in Frequency List) to texts files for use in third-party flashcard programs, especially Pleco and Anki. The new menu item on the File menu creates four new files in a Flashcards folder. Options in the Settings dialog allow you to select what is exported. Check back in a few days for more information on this feature.TE The nag message for Chinese Toolbox FREE appears only once at program startup immediately after FREE mode is activated. Thereafter, it appears once every five launches at program shutdown. The notification message of a newer version available also appears only once every five launches.TE Corrected several minor bugs or usability issues that were discovered after the release of Chinese Toolbox [ Chinese Toolbox READER full changelog ]
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Chinese Toolbox READER
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