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Geopolix Client

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Geopolix AG iG
license: Freeware
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Geopolix Client description

Use your Windows Pocket PC in combination with and you can share your geographical location with friends, family, business colleagues and every other community you can think of. It is completely up to you to share your location whenever, wherever and with whomever you want. If one of your friends gets in range you will be notified and you can communicate with your buddies through the integrated instant messaging client. If your phone doesn't have a GPS device (internal or via bluetooth) or you want to save battery power by turning off your gps device you can choose your actual location by selecting it manually. Other features: - supports various maps - supports POI (point of interest files) to be shown on the map - store the map material in cache files to speed up the map display - define the interval of downloading / uploading of positions - turn your visibility on/off for your predefined communities - maintain your communities on the webRelease notes: BetaSupport for POI files [ Geopolix Client full changelog ]

Map - Tracking - Mobile Phone - Pda - Instant Messaging - Gps - Latitude - Longitude - Handy - Hp - Windows Mobile - Maps - Communities - Location - Wm5 - Wm6 - Poi - Wm 2003 - Geopolix - Geopositioning - Hw6500
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