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GText translator

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GText translator description

The program was developed Chalyshevym MM On-line translator Gtext translator automatically connects you with! To do this you just select the desired word or phrase rnslight movement of the hand to press the hot key On-line translator Gtext translator supports the following languages: Russian English German French Spanish Italian Albanian GText translator translates the text from the clipboard, you specify the target language by pressing click on the desired language in the box poyavivschemsya interpreter The settings window occurs when you first start the program or after pressing the button Settings in the form of an interpreter.You can configure the following parameters Language - Language systsem key - a combination of hot keys for which it is converted Position - the position in the Torah there is a window Does not Startup - by default the interpreter runs automatically loading system - this option, you can cancel this mode. System Requirements,Operating system WindowsXP, Windows Vista or Windows7,and connection to the Internet.Requirements: Windows

Oracle - Translate - Spanish - Dbf - French - Italian - Russian - English - German - Translator - Polish - Dbf Files - Albanian - Tn Oyyu - Oacle - Orale - R N - Yr Rr Oracle - Aeyrwbb Oracle - Ghjuhfvvs - O Rru - R S Rnu - Dvf - Dbf Ouuu - Dbf Our U Tr Tn Oyyu - Tn Oyyu Tyt Yrrr - Dbf Studio Tr Tn Oyyu
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GText translator
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    Windows 98
    Windows 2000
downloads 5
version 1.0
size in Kb 509
user rating 5/10
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