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SPbSU Software
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GraphBuilder description
The program performs visualization of 4 most popular graph algorithms: Dijkstra, Floyd, Prim and Kruskel algorithms. It supports definition of color and width of edges, color and size of vertices, step delay time. It also has a convenient function of upload of the graphs to a remote server for futher storage and download on user's computer. Visualization: Visualization is done by highlighting edges and vertices with different colors. The delay between color change is defined by the value set in the Settings module. In the top-right corner of the window there is a box where the number of the current iteration is displayed. The process can be paused at any moment or stopped completely by the two buttons below the Iteration box. The paused process can be continued at any time by pressing again the same button. You can also capture scnapshots of the graph any time you like with the respective button. To adjust the capture area, click "Set area" buton. To hide the green border, click this button again. You can set up the background colour for your screenshots in Settings dialog in the respective tab. Settings module: You should not be afraid to make a mistake while entering the numerical values in the text fields. The program will correct the wrong values automatically, by rounding fractions to whole numbers and replacing the non-numerical values with the defaults. The settings are stored on local hard drive and are not reset after program shutdown. There is also a possibility to reset the values to defaults with the respective button. Working with server: You can think of an arbitrary name for your graph and try to upload it to the server. Therefore, as there is only one server, the name can be already in use. In this case the program will suggest you an alternative name. It is not mandatory to accept the suggested name, but it can make finding another name a bit easier.Requirements: Java Runtime Environment
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