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KonSi Ltd
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KonSi Malmquist Index Software description
KonSi Malmquist Index SoftWare is convenient program for your research of efficiency dynamics using Malmquist Index method. Malmquist Index and its components are calculated for many periods. The program creates reports with calculated values of Fixed - base Malmquist Index, Adjacent-base Malmquist Index, Seasonal Malmquist Index method etc. You may prepare your input data as Excel table to import your data to Malmquist Index Software.

The software generates five reports. The reports are named in the following way: a report explaining terms or names used in other generated reports; a report containing Malmquist index and its components computed for your dataset; a report containing DEA efficiencies computed during Malmquist index calculation; a report containing data about Malmquist index, its components, DEA efficiencies computed during Malmquist index calculation and parameters of researched objects. This report may be used as source data for researching regression relationship between Malmquist Index and parameters of analyzed objects.You may use software KonSi-StepWise Regression Analysis to reseach data from created report with malmquist index values and parameters; a report containing data about Malmquist index, its components, DEA efficiencies and object parameters. This report may be used as source data for creating table reports by using MS Execel tools, for example, a pivot table. You may study process of Malmquist Index calculation step-by-step using User Guides. You must execute following steps: - prepare your data for each unit and each period as an Excel table; - import your data to Malmquist Index Software; - define type of Malmquist Index ( input-or-output oriented Malmquist Index ); - select Malmquist Index calculation method; - create reports with calculated values of Malmquist Index, its components and CRS-VRS efficiencies for each time period. KonSi Malmquist Index Software for your PC computer with Windows 7.
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KonSi Malmquist Index Software
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