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Next Dimension Imaging
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BoneLab description

The Leader in Interactive 3D Human Anatomy Software BoneLab 2 is the successor of BoneLab, the most successful learning software product for the Anatomy of the Skeleton. Visual 3D-view management, a user specific dictionary and instant access to further online information sources, make BoneLab 2 a most efficient aid for learning, studying and reference. Like all our anatomical products, BoneLab 2 offers outstanding features for visual dissection, previewing, adding labels and notes to sectional 3D-views. BoneLab 2 uses our high quality standard skeleton. BoneLab 2 is easy to use The powerful visual user interface is unique and shows all 3D views in small preview tiles for quick access. You can create your own sectional 3D-views and add it to a build-in collection of 130 labeled 3D-views. Colorize your views, add labels and notes and save views for later reference. BoneLab 2 becomes a personal aid for learning and reference BoneLab 2 becomes a personal aid for learning and reference While adding labels and notes in your language to 3D-views, a dictionary is automatically maintained and helps you to quickly find related views and memorize the anatomical terms. Organize your views in the views tree. Access Online information Hyperlinks for all structures provide instant online access to related anatomical and medical information. Click a structure to highlight and display related online info, images and clips in the integrated browser window. * View-centric user interface and manipulating and saving of sectional 3D views * Auto-colorization and auto-focusing depending on interactive dissection * Auto-hiding pointer labels * Growing, personal dictionary for anatomical terms * Online bindings use information on the web as resource Features: TE A skeletal model with 275 parts of bones, teeth, disks and costal cartilage is integrated. TE Optiocal colorization for instant visual identification. TE All parts are stored with correct Latin and English names. TE The integrated online browser provides instant Wikipedia lookup for anatomical terms. TE BoneLab comes with more than 60 annotated example views. TE Create your own views, add labels and comments for presentation, sharing with colleagues, students and peers.

Anatomy - Skeleton - Bone - Human Skeleton - Skeleton Study - 3d Bone View - Bone Lab
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