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Dreamer's Guide to Discovery

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Direct Logic Systems
license: Shareware
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Dreamer's Guide to Discovery description

Dreamer's Guide to Discovery enables you to discover hidden meanings in your dreams. With dictionary of more than 1500 symbols, you can interpret virtually any dream. Start your journey of discovery by selecting the most significant symbols in your dream. You can type in a particular symbol in the Quick Search for faster entry.

Photo Editor - Network Monitor - Phone Book - Picture Editor - Data Encryption - Moon Phases - Contact Management - Countdown Timer - Font Catalog - Birthday Reminders - Cd Printing - Cd Cover Printing - Dvd Printing - Dvd Cover Printing - Print Calendars - Hide Images - Secret Images - Layout Photos - Print Photos - Windows Startup - Dream Interpretation - Dream Symbols - Network Bandwidth - Rebate Tracker - Rebate Status - Translation Languages - Font List - Print Fonts
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Dreamer's Guide to Discovery
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    Windows NT
    Windows 2000
    Windows XP
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