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Four Diagnostic Methods of TCM

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Four Diagnostic Methods of TCM description

There are four diagnostic methods, namely, inspection, listening and smelling, inquiring and palpation. Four diagnostic methods are the four approaches to understand the pathological conditions. As human body is an organic entity, its regional pathological changes may affect the whole body, and the pathological changes of the internal organs may manifest themselves on the body surface. By making analysis and synthesis of the pathological conditions formed by applying the four diagnostic methods, the doctor, therefore, can determine the causative factors and nature of the disease, thus providing basis for further differentiation and treatment.

Writer combines rich clinical experiences with abroad teaching, edit this book with form of outline, so this book has clear logic, easily explains emphases and difficulties, includes text and pictures, it is very easy for reader to study and grasp four diagnostic methods of TCM.

Book has 38 charts, 30 pulse flash, 167 colorful pictures of tongue.

Chinese - Inspection - Treatment - Diagnostic - Medicine - Tcm - Pathological - Tongue - Listening - Smelling - Inquiring
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Four Diagnostic Methods of TCM
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