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Only Truth in Science Counts

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Truth Counts
license: Shareware
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Only Truth in Science Counts description

Truth in Science Counts is a multimedia, interactive, Adventure in Science, exploring the Universe we live in. Why are we here? Was Darwin right? Did life evolve or was it created? Does radiometric dating prove the earth is billions of years old? Can the Bible be trusted? Is intelligent design opposed to science? Perhaps you had some of these questions yourself. This program explores the answers to these and other tough questions about creation, evolution, and intelligent design. Though Interactive, Multimedia, we will investigate these important scientific and creative topics, helping us get an accurate picture of the Universe we live in. The software includes a menu for copying the software to a CD Rom or DVD, allowing user to make copies for friends as well as Tools for creating CD or DVD labels. You can copy this program and give it to your friends. If you have ever wondered why you were created and what your future holds? This is your Adventure.Requirements: PC

Scientific - Games - Creator - Science - Dinosaurs - Adventure - Creation - Bible - God - Universe - Messiah - Salvation - Darwinian - Sin - Evolution - Bible Games - Bible Stories For All Ages - The Real Christmas Story - Bible Prophesy - Gospel Of Jesus - Ken Ham - Good News Of Jesus - Life After Death - Radiometric Dating - Intelligent Design - Day Age - Gap - Big Bang - Dustan - Dwain
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Only Truth in Science Counts
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