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QuestDesign Generator TTS

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Network enabled automated test generator for both PC and web-based local and distributed automated testing. Automatic e-mailing results to Administrator following tests using integral e-mail server - no need for ISP server.Question generators and Question Bank, live online tutorial facility. Distribution of tests is either on CD-ROM or on the internet through our server, and printouts for paper tests are available, with master list for the test administration. Password protection and text-to-speech - test questions can be read aloud by the program. Results output is in attractive html with logging of sessions and full history. CSV results for Excel etc. Quick Create allows you to jump immediately from the menu to any test topic to create and edit it. Quick Deploy exports your finished tests to a CD_ROM image directory, complete with an autorun front end to enable your users to install your tests with the Inquisitor software to run them on, on their own computer. Just copy the contents of the CD Image directory to a CD-ROM and you have a complete distributable version of your work. Can also be distributed in old-fashioned printed test form, with sheets for the test-takers and a master marking sheet for the administrator/lecturer/marker. Registered users will be offered a drop-box facility on our site, with a full control panel for upload/download of tests for remote access by test-takers. Web facilities available direct from the interface include facilities to make and run web-based self marking automated tests with results emailing to the administrator, Technical Support tickets, online help and video learning demos, access to Text-to-Speech voices in many languages, Question Generators and Question Bank. A useful, attractive,robust and easy to use application at an affordable cost.
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QuestDesign Generator TTS
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