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Nessy Learning Programme

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Net Educational Systems Ltd
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Nessy Learning Programme description

Nessy is an interactive system of learning based on 40 years of practical teaching by specialist teachers at the Bristol Dyslexia Centre. Nessy follows a tried and tested approach that combines structured incremental phonics linked with language, writing skills and vocabulary development, to create highly effective multisensory learning. Nessy enables all abilities to read, write and spell with confidence. Nessy is ideal for teachers who need to provide a complete literacy scheme for pupils with dyslexia. The extensive resources are organised into 10 colour-coded islands, which progress from letter sounds to advanced multi-syllabic words. The programme integrates planning, group monitoring, record keeping and assessments. Teachers are guided with lesson plans, teaching tips and strategies for learning. Students are encouraged to mark their own work and take on more responsibility for their own learning, playing games, watching rules and completing interactive worksheets. Their efforts are rewarded with Nessy Nuggets, which can be used at an interactive Fairground. The game based learning has proved extremely effective in addressing the needs of disaffected students, motivating and building self-esteem. The programme includes an A4 printed teaching manual full of information about dyslexia. It has proved successful with EBD, EAL, DownOCOs Syndrome, AspergerOCOs as well as mainstream pupils. Features: Interactive records, assessments and group monitoring, 5,000 words and sentences, 20 computer games, 25 animated rules, 70 animated phonemes library of interactive mnemonics and word endings, 120 lesson plans with strategies for learning, facility to record and play games with your own words, 40 interactive worksheets and much more.Requirements: 512 RAM, P3 CPU, 64MB graphics card, 2.5GB HD Space

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Nessy Learning Programme
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