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BenchMark Timetable

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BenchMark Timetable
license: Shareware
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BenchMark Timetable description

Easy to use school scheduling program that solves master schedules within a few seconds. With 3 kinds of programs to choose from : 1) Standard Classes timetable 2) Students Scheduler : Commonwealth Countries 3) USA Gr8-12 Semester scheduler. Student scheduler includes, import and export of students to your school information system. Fully automated building of a school schedule and student options. Automated student placement and optimal class balancing. Includes absentee or substitution system.Online Schedule Difficulty Analyzer. Everything you will ever need from small schools to large high schools. Try before you buy.Requirements: Windows bases

School Timetable Software - School Scheduling Software - School Timetable Program - Create School Timetable - School Timetable Download - Master Schedule Software - Master Schedule Builder - Class Scheduling Software - K12 Scheduling
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BenchMark Timetable
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supported os's
    Windows 95
    Windows 98
    Windows 2000
    Windows 2003
    Windows Vista Starter
downloads 23
price $620.00
version 10.1
size in Kb 5,581
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