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FreeSweetGames Snakes

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FreeSweetGames Snakes description

Snake goes to the area with random positions on its border. While snake has not entered into the game (flashing status), it does not exist for the other opponents, but once out, it immediately begins to interact. Remember this when choosing the time of entry. Player cant stop the snake or make it go backwards. Upon reaching the border snake creeps out on the opposite side. If snake is collides with obstacles or with its own tail, then, certainly, it is killed. There are various outcomes depending on a mode of game at collision with opponents. In the beginning the snake consists of three segments only, it is minimal size. If the snake have a bite more shortly a minimum it dies, in other case the bitten off tail is lost only. At a level periodically appear new bonuses which increase parameters of the snake. The bonus of size - increases food's score and make the snake longer. The bonus of acceleration - temporarily increases velocity. This effect will increase from several bonuses. The bonus of slowing down - temporarily slows down all opponents on identical value. There are three modes in the game. The first mode - Collect food. The player who will reach the object becomes the winner. Snake is dying in a collision with the opponent's tail. The smaller of the snake is killed (or both equal) when the head collision happens. The collected food is not lost after death. The second mode - Need for size. The player who grow to the size of the object wins. Snake is dying in a collision with the opponent's tail. The smaller of the snake is killed (or both equal) when the head collision happens. The third mode - Hunt to tails. The winner will be the one who first make the object number of bites. The bite is counted at the crossing of the smaller snake. Thus the victim loses the tail or a life if its rest less than the minimal snake size, and the size of the hunter turns to the size of a victim up before a bite.Requirements: RAM 64 mb

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FreeSweetGames Snakes
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    Windows 98
    Windows 2000
    Windows 2003
    Windows Vista Starter
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version 1.4.40
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