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Guillermo Gajate
license: Freeware
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ChessTool PGN description
ChessTool PGN is a computer application of free use, reads and writes chess games in the format Portable Game Notation (PGN). Manages the files of database of chess games stored in the PGN. The application has been designed on the basis of the Portable Game Notation Specification and Implementation Guide. Allows the administration of the files of chess games , the amendment of the same or the creation of new. The reading on a board and notation of the games contained in the same, its amendment or the creation of new games. Lets you add games, amend existing ones, configure from the position to be wish, export the graphic image of the board, export item, introduce comments in the movements and notations NAG (Numeric Annotation Glyph), automatically assigned code ECO, the name of openness and variation according to the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings, and the code NIC (New in Chess), annotation of variationss and subvariations, the promotion of these and the establishment as main variation. ChessTool PGN is a simple tool for managing and handling of files portable game notation, free, and easy installation.
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ChessTool PGN
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