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Heart Buddy Yahoo

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Play Buddy
license: Shareware
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Heart Buddy Yahoo description

* Watches your game and keeps track of cards. * Removes cards from the list as they are played, so you can quickly and easily tell what's left. * Keeps track of who is out of each suit. * Keeps track of who played what card, and on what round they played it. * Keeps track of who led and what rounds they led. * Always on top (option) so program stays visible at all times. * Fully Automated - Resets itself right before the start of the next hand. Click start once and that's it. * Manual Reset Option. * T-Mode: Vertical Alignment for minimum use of space. Fits even on lowest resolution. * Connects to any room without going to the website (Flipside only) for now. * simple interface - No Time needed to figure it out. Hit play/start and that's it. * Names List Manager - Keep track of players for any reason. * Sends Text to game chat. Say TY,GJP,GLN, etc with the press of a button and stop all that typing. (Flipside® Only) for now. * Mark passed cards by clicking on the cards at start of game.

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